Guide to Haircare  for Men


Choose the right haircut

The appearance and feel of your hair can be drastically altered by the cut you choose. When deciding on a hairstyle, keep in mind your facial shape and your hair's natural texture.

Shampoo regularly

You should wash your hair once a week at the very least to keep it clean and healthy. Your hair type will determine how often you should shampoo, but you should try to do it every two to three days.

Use a conditioner

After shampooing, apply conditioner to restore hair's natural moisture and manageability. Choose a conditioner that works with your hair texture.

Use hair products sparingly

Don't overdo it with the hair products; too much might weigh hair down and give it a greasy appearance. Minimize product use and figure out what works best for your hair through trial and error.


Protect your hair from the sun

Use a cap or use a hair product with SPF when you'll be outside for long amounts of time to prevent sun damage.

Avoid heat styling

Hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons damage hair. Use a product designed to withstand high temperatures if you must, and keep the temperature modest.

Get regular haircuts

Maintain a neat and orderly appearance by having regular haircuts. As a general rule, you should have a new haircut every four to six weeks.

Eat a healthy diet

Maintaining strong, healthy hair can be as simple as eating well. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and eating foods high in protein and other nutrients.