Globally banned dogs

 American pitbull

   Many nations limit this breed.See also: Tourist attractions where photos are prohibited  

 Brazilian Samba

 Many nations have laws against the ownership of this breed.



Many countries have banned the importation of this muscular canine, including France, Bermuda, Singapore, and Denmark.

 Staffordshire Bull 

 Would you think that Canada, Ireland, the United States, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Spain, Singapore, and Israel all have bans on this cute creature?


 Argentine dog 



 Okay, it's reasonable to assume that nations like Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Singapore, and Malaysia would place limitations on the importation of this dog.

 The Tosa Inu

 The Tosa Inu, also known as the Japanese fighting dog, is prohibited in several countries. These nations include Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Bermuda

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 Doberman Pinscher


Some nations, such as Ireland and Germany, have legal issues with this long, slim dog machine. 

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 Hound of the Rhode


 One of eleven dog breeds specifically prohibited by Ireland's 1998 The Control of Dogs Regulations is the stunning Rhodesian Ridgeback.

 Mallorquin Presa

 This is a three-month-old Ca de Bou, also known by its French name. As a result, various nations have instituted bans on it, including the United States, Germany, and Malaysia.

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