Food items that might be part of your weekly cheat meal


Pizza:  Pizza is rich in calories, but a piece or two once a week may be a pleasure. Use a thin crust and add plenty of veggies for nutrition.

Burgers:  A juicy, loaded burger is a gratifying cheat meal. To save calories, use turkey or chicken instead of cheese and bacon.

Ice cream:  Ice cream is delicious and luxurious. Pick low-fat or non-dairy or a modest serving of your favorite flavor to save calories.


Fried Chicken:  Once a week, fried chicken may be a delight. Limit your meal size and choose grilled chicken.

French Fries:  Crispy, salty French fries are seductive. Healthy options include fewer portions and baked or air-fried versions.

Chocolate:  A chocolate bar or dessert is a tasty treat. Healthier dark chocolate has more cocoa.

Pasta:  A large dish of pasta with your favorite sauce and toppings is a wonderful cheat supper. Choose nutrient-rich whole wheat or veggie pasta.

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Nachos:  Cheese, sour cream, and guacamole make nachos tasty and luxurious. For more nutrition, choose smaller portions and add tomatoes, onions, and peppers.