First Date Behavior by Zodiac Sign 



 Spontaneous, fun-loving Aries are passionate. In life and dating, you prefer to present your best self. First, you probably organized the date. You'll go all out to impress.


   You're obstinate, realistic, and a hopeless romantic. You're picky about who you date since you know what you like and aren't afraid to say it. When meeting someone new


 Often serial daters, Geminis are social butterflies. Who can blame you? Your exuberant attitude, humor, and charisma seem to draw everyone.


 Cancers are emotional and cherish first dates. You enjoy candlelight dinners and park picnics. You should have a profound emotional connection with your date



 Leos are proud lovers. You're fiery and passionate, making first dates exciting. Leo, you adore falling in love and expect your suitor to captivate you. 


 Virgos are selective while dating. Your date must be spectacular. You're accustomed to planning and making decisions as the zodiac's perfectionist. 


 You're a hopeless romantic since Libra is the sign of lovers. You prefer to date casually and let your emotions develop.

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 Scorpios are classy heartbreakers. You're confident and seldom turned down. You value honesty and loyalty in a mate. First dates are about getting to know one other and feeling their vibe.

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 Sagittarius enjoys the excitement and unpredictability of dating and falling in love. You're upfront about your relationship goals. 

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