Finest Pizzas In The United States


Pepperoni:  America loves pepperoni pizza. Pepperoni's flavorful heat goes well with tomato sauce and gooey cheese.

Mushrooms:  Pizza lovers love mushrooms' earthy taste and meaty texture. They go well with additional toppings or even stand alone on a veggie pizza.

Sausage Like pepperoni and bacon, sausage is a popular pizza topping in the US. Sausage goes well with tomato sauce and cheese because of its delicious, peppery taste.


Onions:  Whether cooked or raw, onions offer a distinct taste to a pizza, whether sweet or savory. They're great on their own or as an additional taste boost to other components.

Green peppers:  Crispy and delicious, green peppers bring color and flavor to pizza. They complement meats and other veggies quite well.

Olives:  Americans love olives on pizza, particularly with Mediterranean tastes like feta cheese and roasted red peppers. Their saltiness and sourness complement pizza well.

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Bacon:  American pizza toppings include smoky, savory bacon. It goes well with a variety of different meats, especially sausage and ham.

Pineapple:  Pineapple is a divisive pizza topping. When paired with savory toppings like ham or bacon, its sweet, tropical taste may be a welcome contrast.