Famous Food Trucks in the US


Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ is a famous food truck in Los Angeles, California serving tacos and burritos stuffed with marinated beef, spicy pork, and chicken prepared in the Korean way.

The Halal Guys

This food truck, which got its start in New York City, is well-known for its chicken and beef gyros and falafel.

Cousins Maine Lobster

Los Angeles, California's Cousins Maine Lobster is home to some of the best lobster rolls and other seafood delicacies in the country, all created using fresh lobster caught just off the coast of Maine.

The Grilled Cheese Truck 

Los Angeles, California's The Grilled Cheese Truck serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with everything from mac & cheese to bacon and avocado.


Chez Fonfon

Birmingham, Alabama's Chez Fonfon is a popular food truck known for its authentic French dishes like crepes and quiches.

Marination Mobile

Marination Mobile is a food truck located in Seattle, Washington, serving up tasty Korean and Hawaiian fusion delicacies including spicy pork tacos and kalua pork sliders.

The Lobsta Truck

The Lobsta Truck is a famous Los Angeles, California, food truck known for its succulent lobster rolls and other seafood delicacies.

The Waffle Bus

The Waffle Bus is a food truck located in Houston, Texas, serving a variety of excellent waffles, both sweet and savoury, such as chicken and waffles and waffles topped with Nutella.