Every Zodiac Sign's Best Juice Recipe

Large Radish


 Aries are impetuous, independent leaders, so this ginger-heavy drink will be a hit. Its anti-inflammatory effects will make your skin seem bright and healthy


 Taurus is faithful and sensual. Bell pepper, tomato, garlic, and lemon provide a powerful juice match for the current sign. (Martha Stewart)


 Geminis love creativity and enjoyment. Unique and inventive juices can keep up with active Gemini. Fennel-mint juice is both. 


 Since Cancers are so sensitive to others, they want their friends to feel loved and cared for. Ginger and avocado sweeten this fruity beverage.


 Leos thirst for power. The determined sign needs an ambitious mid-afternoon snack. This antioxidant-rich beet and carrot juice will. (Build Your Bite)



 Virgos love spinach-based green juices. No strong tastes here. This juice contains just spinach and pineapple. Through Kitchenaid


 Balance-seeking This lovely green drink is Libra's hue. It balances Libra's sweet and salty tastes. Kale, cucumbers, celery, green apples, and pineapple make a great drink. 

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 Bright Sags need bold, fun juice. This pink pomegranate juice is tart and healthy for midday energy. via Relish

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