Each Zodiac Sign's Secret Side  

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 When you first meet an Aries, she may seem aggressive but is really calm. Aries is brazen, yet she has a hidden side until you get to know her.


 Taurus always defends justice. Although seeming to desire a battle, she wants justice. She's driven, confident, and enthusiastic when she wants something.


 She's not negative or untrustworthy, but she struggles to convey her own feelings instead of those she believes others desire.


 Cancer is stereotyped as temperamental, emotional, and guarded. She may dread criticism while expressing herself.



 Her theatrical tendency might make her seem self-centered, which can tarnish her image.

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 Virgo is typically labeled the silent, judgmental, analytical sign. Even more commonly, people think this indicates they know Virgo and won't get to know her.


 Libra has a nice, calm exterior. She's not always superficial since she doesn't enjoy disagreements.

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 Scorpio hides a loving and sensitive side. People make assumptions when she can't stop fighting for what's important to her.

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