Each Zodiac Sign's Romantic Gesture 


 Aries: Take them out dancing.

 Aries are among the most romantic signs because they know how to make their lover feel special. You'll have to match their over-the-top intensity to wow them romantically.

 Taurus: Book that new eatery.

 Taurus is pickiest. They want to rest and pamper themselves since they work hard. Tauruses value self-love, thus their partner standards are high.

 Gemini: Have an art museum date.

 Geminis are flirty because they're extroverted, cheerful, and constantly seeking to have fun. Geminis like freedom, making labeling difficult. 

 Cancer: Handwrite love letters.

 Cancers are sensitive romantics who want the whole story. Expressing your deep affection for this water sign can never be too sappy. 

 Leo: Provide flowers monthly.

 When sparks fly, Leos are exuberant flirts who are upfront. They give their lover plenty of love, therefore they want it back. The good news is that Leo's affection is hard to overdo.


 Virgo: Provide something unnecessary.

 Virgos are realistic and meticulous in love. They desire to be swept off their feet, yet they struggle to emphasize emotional aspects of relationships.

 Libra: Invite friends for supper.

 Libra are romance devotees. Even this level-headed sign dreams of finding the one to spend eternity with. Libras like the concept of love above settling down.

 Scorpio: Go late-night

 Scorpios aren't cold-hearted. Behind that well manicured front is someone longing to be carried away by their true love. 


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 Sagittarius: Travel spontaneously.

 An elderly couple enjoying a sunset beach stroll. A cool-looking grandfather, wearing a hat, is clutching his gorgeous wife, both wearing sunglasses, smiling and facing one other, feeling amorous.

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 Capricorn: Book a couples massage

 Capricorns date traditionally. They exclusively date long-term partners. This preparation helps them select the appropriate spouse, but it might take the excitement out of falling in love. 

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