Dumbbell Exercises to Maintain Weight 





 Standing tall with weights in both hands, the reverse lunge thruster begins. Palms facing body. Take a step back with one leg, keeping a tall chest and active core. 

 Reverse-Lunge Thruster

 Dumbbell Renegade Rows

 This workout works your whole body. Start in a pushup/high plank holding dumbbells on the ground. Extend your legs and engage your core.

 Rear Delt Fly


 Start the rear delt fly by standing with your arms hanging down and making a "V" in front of you. Bend forward and pull your hips back. Raise the dumbbells as high as possible from the "V" position.

 Hammer Curl Kickback

 This workout strengthens your core, arms, and posture. Start with dumbbells at your sides and palms facing inward. Curl weights to your shoulders with your hips back and elbows hinged. 




 Gorillas Row


 "This move challenges your legs, core, arms, and back," Longino says. Bend both knees and hinge forward. Flat back and active core. 

 Female dumbbell front squat

 Dumbbell squats start with your feet shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height. Squat with core activation. Straighten up. 

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 Deadlifts need shoulder-width feet. The floor should have dumbbells. Grab the weights with bent knees and hips. Palms down. Keep your chest high, core engaged

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 "When deadlifting, maintain your back straight and core engaged. To prevent back strain, lift using your legs rather than your back.


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