Dietitians' Weight-Loss Tips  





 Whole foods are always better for weight reduction and fueling your body. Preservatives, added sugars, saturated fat, and trans fat in processed meals make weight gain simple. 

 whole foods over processed.

 Get sufficient beauty sleep.

 Did you realize that sleep quality affects weight loss? "Poor sleeping patterns can cause an increase in calorie intake and reduce your motivation to exercise," Mitri says. 

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 Maintaining a calorie deficit is essential to maintaining your healthy weight. "Maintenance" involves burning the same number of calories as you intake. 

 Plan meals easily

 "Meal planning can help you eat more nutritious meals and keep weight off," adds Mitri. For sustainability, meal planning should be easy. utilize rice, mixed veggies, and grilled chicken 






You probably know that stress may cause weight gain. Thus, reduce stress. "Stress can be a hidden factor in why you aren't able to maintain your weight loss," Mitri says.

 Don't rush food choices.

If you want to maintain your weight, don't make meal selections "on the fly," as Mitri says. Plan meals beforehand if you're busy. 

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 Eat sitting down.


 This technique helps curb impulsive eating. "While this may seem like common sense, much of snacking and impulse eating occurs when standing in the kitchen or in front of the pantry,

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 Having good, healthful snacks on hand might make you feel like you're indulging and help you avoid sugary granola bars and ultra-processed candy bars. 

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