Breakfast Habits for Weight Loss 





 Cinnamon buns, frosted doughnuts, and chocolate croissants are delectable, but they're bad for weight loss and appetite control.

 Avoid refined sugar.

 Avoid refined sugar.

 "It starts the vicious sugar-craving cycle," The Nutrition Twins say. "You repeatedly give into a sugar craving, then crash and crave another quick source of fuel, and turn to more sugar."

 Eat breakfast daily.


 Maintaining a mealtime routine is wise. Breakfast at the same time every day might help you reduce weight and control cravings.

 Avoid salty meals.

 To lose weight, avoid salty morning meals. After all, salt increases appetite. Biscuits, bacon, sausage, muffins, croissants, and cheese are typical high-salt morning foods




  Include solid protein.  


 Protein rules for several reasons. High-protein diets reduce body fat, retain lean muscle, and keep you satisfied, according to the Mayo Clinic. Protein aids weight loss.

 Drink 16 ounces of water

 The Nutrition Twins suggest 16 ounces of water before breakfast. "This will take the edge off hunger, so you'll be less likely to get cravings for unhealthy foods simply because you're hungry," they say. 

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 Keeping your kitchen stocked with nutritious morning items can help you avoid cravings. If you have a few basic morning dishes you like to make, that's particularly true.

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 Fiber completes our morning practices to reduce cravings and weight. Fiber-rich foods keep you full longer, preventing harmful snacking. Buy whole grains (quinoa and oats)

 Consume fiber.  

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