Compatible pairs of Pisces


Cancer:  Pisces and Cancer unite through family, tenderness, and home life. Both sensitive and caring, they may establish a lovely environment.

Scorpio:  Pisces and Scorpio are passionate and seductive. They share a commitment to honesty and trust, which may alter their relationship.

Taurus:  Pisces and Taurus enjoy beauty, art, and romance. They value comfort and stability in relationships and may develop a peaceful home life together.


Capricorn:  Pisces and Capricorn are unexpected partners, yet they compliment each other. They respect hard work and devotion in relationships and may form a sensible, grounded connection

Virgo:  Pisces and Virgo enjoy structure, details, and helping others. They can work together and enjoy a clean and organized home.

Scorpio:  Pisces and Scorpio have strong emotions. Both sensuous and tactile, they may have a passionate and transforming connection.

Aquarius:  Pisces and Aquarius may have a fascinating partnership. They may learn from each other and appreciate freedom and uniqueness.

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Leo:  Pisces and Leo may bond on creativity, enjoyment, and attentiveness. Both are powerful and compliment each other