Career Roles Most Suited to Each Zodiac Sign Part -2


7. CANCER:  The nurse, Social Worker, Professor, Psychologist, Counseling Counselor, Artist

Cancer Cancers are natural nurturers. They're trustworthy and protective, but occasionally their emotions take over. They're creative caregivers! Cancers are creative!

8. LEO:  Actor, Creator, Special Events Coordinator, Marketing Representative, Tv Personality, Businessman, Model

Leo Leos like attention and leadership opportunities that reward them! Charming people-people! They're famous for their TV work. They sometimes work alone since they have different views and don't like working with others if their thoughts aren't acknowledged.


9. VIRGO:  Researcher, engineers (all sorts), accounting professional, physician, Producer, Investor, Supervisor, Director

Vigro Virgos are wonderful employees. Virgos are bright and take on challenging responsibilities like Capricorns. They are tidy, meticulous, and always on target! If they work hard, they succeed in any job!

10. LIBRA:  Fashion Designer, Stylist, PR, Communications, Event Planner, Sales Associate

Libra Libras are charming, gregarious, and like better things. Libras are stylish. They prefer customer-facing employment. Like Geminis, they like to converse.

11. SCORPIO:  Detective, Producer, Market Analyst, Event Planner, Lawyer, Engineering

Scorpio Scorpios are brilliant, inquisitive, and determined. Scorpions complete what they start. Scorpios also obtain what they desire. They choose vocations that require thinking and aid them in life due to their extreme personalities.

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12. Sagittarius:  PR, Personal Instructor, Ambassador, Traveling Agent, Clubs Promoter, Judge

Sagittarius Sagittarius is kind, giving, and fun! They're cheerful. This sign should choose pleasant, social jobs. If a Sag doesn't like their work, they'll either make the most of it or resign and find one they like!