Career Advice for Aquarius


 Aquarius Careers

 Aquarians, the eleventh zodiac sign, are nonconformists who follow their own path. If they sense a purpose, people born under this air sign develop their own rules.


 Aquarius excels in academia. Since a professor must research their field, Aquarians have a distinct approach. They could deconstruct and invent theories and teach others. 


 Science is a natural fit for Aquarius. Capricorn and Virgo also thrive in science. Nonetheless, Aquarians love to experiment and learn. 

 Environmental Engineer

 Aquarians are environmentalists and humanitarians. They will also use their creative abilities and prepare ahead to safeguard the environment.



 Aquarians use their brains and intuition in unique ways to become astrologers. Aquarians can read natal charts, monitor transits, and understand how transit energies effect others. 


 This career is appropriate for air signs, but Aquarians are ideally suited due of their objectivity. You must have that attribute to be a good judge, which might bring numerous issues. 

 Social Worker

 When helping families and individuals, social workers must remain detached. They have the expertise to determine the best ways to support families and people in their specific circumstances.

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 Computer Programmer

 This career is ideal for Aquarius. Programmers find creative solutions to technical issues and software bugs. They also develop and debunk hypotheses.

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