Cancer Zodiac characteristics and facts


The crab depicts Cancerians' tendency to put up a defensive wall, and so it is a fitting emblem for the crab to represent the zodiac sign Cancer.

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, a water sign. So, it's safe to assume that Cancerians are highly sensitive and perceptive.


The water element is symbolic of Cancerians' emotional flexibility and the profound bonds they frequently form with others.

Cancerians are considered to be sensitive souls who take pride in taking care of and shielding their loved ones.

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Cancerians are famous for their sensitivity to and understanding of others' feelings. As a result, their friends and family benefit from their exceptional listening skills and empathy.

Cancerians face a significant struggle when they don't know how to control their powerful feelings.

It's commonly believed that Cancers have a deep love for their families and homes. They may also have a deep appreciation for customs and rituals.