Bohemians of Zodiac Signs? 





 Taurus is warm, dependable, and conservative. They like stability and the status quo. Taurus sometimes contemplates life as a wanderer, but they're pleased with their current lifestyle.


 Capricorn likes tradition. Without routines, life is chaotic, unpleasant, and disturbing. These realistic, responsible folks don't want to be disturbed and seek rationality in everything. 



 Virgos are cautious and old-fashioned. They adore people-watching and are judgemental. They feel watched and judged


 Libras are impartial and don't mind breaking with tradition, yet they also value and include it. Libras understand their emotions, spirituality, and desires. Bohemian and free-spirited, they struggle with commitment. 






Leo craves and usually gets admiration. These natural charmers want to conform and be exceptional. They're distinctive and creative enough for this role. 


 Dreamers prefer to romanticize their lives. They have the mindset of a bohemian, yet they're too concerned on appearance to follow their aspirations.

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 Sagittarius values freedom most. They are creative and have plenty to say about themselves and their aspirations. They always learn and improve.

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 Like Libra, Geminis are quick-witted and may have an open mind. They also value independence and will take chances and have amazing experiences to prove it. Geminis are bohemian


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