Best Zodiac Dog Breeds 


 The 350-year-old Thai Ridgeback is a hardworking breed with wanderlust. This little breed is stubborn and pushes limits. Aries, push back. They typically follow squirrels on instinct. 


 The Basset Hound is friendly and relaxed. This breed suits Taurus's laid-back nature. Basset Hounds are devoted to their families like Taurus.


 The outspoken Siberian Husky is a great match for the sociable Gemini. This breed is smart yet ditzy. If left alone, Siberian Huskies become bored and flee. Socialization and mental stimulation prevent negative behavior. 


 The Vizsla is more than just regal. Large breeds require tons of love. This sensitive dog, nicknamed as the "velcro Vizsla" due to their attachment, is ideal for an emotional Cancer. 




 Chow Chows are the king of dogs. These fluffy puppies stand out with their blue tongue and exuberant mane. A noble Chow Chow may suit a Leo.


 Work consumes Border Collies. They're mentally and physically demanding. Border Collies are like Virgos—busy. This lively yet kind dog is never bored. 

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 The Papillon is a friendly, effervescent buddy noted for their 16th-century portraits. This breed, whose French name means "butterfly," likes new people and puppies.

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 The Shiba Inu is smart and assertive. This breed has great perception and is strong-willed. A Shiba Inu's arrogance might confront a Scorpio. 


 Great Pyrenees are big, energetic, and love their owners. They are smart, autonomous, and like problem-solving. A happy, energetic Sagittarius works well too. A Sagittarius may socialize a Great Pyrenees from an early age.

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