Best Flat Stomach Methods

 Reduce calories




Eating too few calories will lower your metabolic rate, or daily calorie burnTrusted Source.

 Eat extra fiber

   As demonstrated,Trusted Source slows stomach emptying, expanding the stomach and making you feel fuller between meals.

  Increase probiotics.


 Probiotics may improve gut flora and help you maintain a healthy weight by preventing weight gain.

 Increase cardio.

It also strengthens your stomach and reduces abdominal fat, according to studiesTrusted Source




Protein shakes


Enough proteinTrusted Source in your diet may temporarily enhance metabolism, decrease hunger, and retain lean body mass.

  fatty acid-rich meals

 The Mediterranean diet, heavy in monounsaturated fatty acids, has various health advantages.Trusted Source, reducing weight growth and belly fat in children and adults.

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If a low-carb diet isn't right for your health, you don't have to eliminate all carbohydrates to benefit. Whole grains are healthier than refined carbsTrusted Source, which are processed and poor in fiber.

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 Resistance training


 Strength trainingTrusted Source daily may retain lean body mass and boost metabolism.

 Stand when exercising.


 Standing up while exercising may be healthier than sitting or utilizing weight machines.

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