Best dog breeds for children 





  Lab. Intelligent, affectionate, and trainable. He's also a guiding dog and great with kids.

Labrador retriever


 The beagle is a kind, mischievous dog for kids. He barks a lot, but excellent training will make him the kids' best buddy.

 English bulldog


   Bulldog. The English bulldog is kind, bold, and affectionate. Kids need him.

 Bichon frisé

 Bichon frise. This French dog is like a teddy bear. Its large heart matches its cuteness. It enjoys playing!






   Collie 5. Collie's clever and non-aggressive. Due to its social skills, this dog makes friends with kids and seniors.

 Golden retriever

 Retriever. Golden retrievers learn quickly and are lively. This breed is known for its ability to recover stuff. Outside, it's lively.

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 St. Bernard


  Bernard. The Saint Bernard is called the "nanny dog" since it's great with kids. Noble, patient, and serene.

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  Boxer. This playful dog is a fantastic guide and messenger. He will always safeguard the family, beginning with the kids.

     US boxer

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