Best College Major for Each Zodiac Sign


 Aries: Law

 Aries' strong resolve makes law the finest option  . They fight for what's right. Aries verbal sparring opponents are tough.

 Taurus: Business

 perfects stubbornness and patience. Business majors should have that personality. Taureans like working their way up.

  Gemini: Counseling

 Counseling majors must be Geminis . Most charismatic are Geminis. They may make others confide in them. They're great counselors.

  Cancer: Elementary 


Cancers feel. Empathic understanding requires emotional sensitivity. They listen well. They're perfect for elementary and kindergarten.


 Leo: Political Science

 We all identify lions. Leos are natural leaders. They charm with their confidence. Their innate attraction makes them great politicians.

Virgo: Business Logistics

 Talent only goes so far. Virgos might seek logistics or supply chain management degrees (SCM). College gives them the skills and formal knowledge to succeed.

Scorpio: Law Enforcement

 Scorpions are brazen and suspicious. They suit law enforcement and correction majors. Scorpios  comprehend body language. 


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Libra: Criminal Justice

 This helps Librans comprehend criminal thought processes. If they study philosophy, what the great philosopher thought.

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