Best At-Home Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment 


Lower-Body Workout With Cardio Burnout

We bet you haven't attempted the runner's lunge-to-balance or corkscrew (a dynamic plank variant that will challenge your core strength). Amy Eisinger, C.P.T. Following that, cardiac exhaustion will press again. Resting between circuit exercises makes it easier or harder.

20-Minute Joint-Friendly HIIT

Plyometric moves in certain at-home HIIT workouts are great for some but not for those with joint difficulties. Colleen Conlon's low-impact HIIT workout at Equinox incorporates side kick throughs and crab toe touches. Skater hops are high-impact, so consult your doctor or physical therapist before beginning.


Full-Body Cardio Challenge

Want a full-body home aerobic workout? Eisinger's method. Five workouts target shoulders, core, and legs (squat pulse) (frogger). After your chosen rounds, AMRAP (as many repeats as feasible) will finish the circuit.

Plank-Based Workout to Light Up Your Core

Bodyweight arm workouts work. Plank variations improve shoulders and triceps. After skaters, Lita Lewis's routine includes push-ups, shoulder taps, and plank forearm reaches. Second circuit: plank jacks and forearm planks. Post-workout planks are required. Kneel for awkward form.

No Burpees or Mountain Climbers in This Routine

Dislike burpees or mountain climbers? Try HIIT. Conlon's bodyweight workout targets all muscular groups in many planes. She added intensity with HIIT workouts like the lateral shuffle and explosive crab reach. Before the exercise, practice each new move 10 times at a comfortable intensity.

4-Move 30-Minute Cardio

Eisinger's full-body home aerobics include quick froggers, bird-dog crunches, and three-point toe touches. Try this 30-minute non-jogging cardio workout to sweat. Beginners may choose their rest-work hours in this application.

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8-Minute Abs Exercise

At-home ab exercises are easy. Worst part? We prefer eight-minute abs workouts because they're hard. Amy Marturana Winderl, C.P.T.'s at-home workout includes 30 seconds of five exercises, including dead bug, forearm plank rock, and plank up-down, without resting. Three rounds burn abs.

A 5-Minute Core Exercise

Planks work abs, shoulders, legs, and butt if done properly. Marturana Winderl's five-plank workout targets shoulders and triceps with plank up-downs and plank jacks (to give a cardio element). Before beginning, review these plank tactics.