Bearded men's grooming: healthy, stylish beards


Keep it clean

Maintain cleanliness by regularly bathing with a mild shampoo or beard wash to remove irritants like dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.


vMaintaining a healthy and attractive beard requires regular moisturizing. To maintain its softness and shine, use a beard oil or balm.

Brush and comb regularly

Maintaining a clean appearance and distributing the natural oils in your beard may be accomplished with frequent brushing and combing.


Trim it regularly

Maintain the look and form of your beard with frequent trimming. You may either invest in a high-quality beard trimmer or pay a visit to the barber

Use the right tools

The key to a healthy and elegant beard is a high-quality comb, brush, and trimmer.

Eat a healthy diet

A diet high in vitamins and minerals will help keep your hair from drying out and breaking.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Using bleach or dyes on your beard may harm the hair and irritate the skin below, so it's best to avoid them

Protect it from the elements

It's important to keep your beard out of the harsh elements like sunlight, wind, and cold. Wear a scarf or use an SPF beard oil to keep the sun off of it.

Experiment with different styles

Use your imagination and try out a few different approaches until you discover one that works for you. To give your beard some body and hold, you may also apply beard wax or pomade.

Don't forget about the skin underneath

Good beard maintenance also include attending to the skin underneath the beard. To avoid ingrown hairs and flaky skin, use a moderate exfoliant and moisturizer twice a day.