Astrologers' Zodiac Sign Cocktails 



 A spicy cocktail like a Bloody Mary will match Aries' vigor. Ms. Charlotte thinks the drink and fire sign are similar since they're both "acquired tastes" yet popular. “


 “The ever-popular Mojito embodies their lively, cheerful energy,” says Ms. Charlotte. Geminis have many friends, thus the astrologer feels Mojitos should only be drank in happy times.


 Cancers like sharing a pitcher of Sangria with their friends. "Cancer is the sign of the home realm and is controlled by the ever-changing moon,"


 Leos enjoy IG Stories, and Leo Aperol Spritzes are Instagram-worthy. “Aperol Spritzes are the star of the show, much like Leos,” Ms. Charlotte says.



 Virgos work hard, play hard. According to Ms. Charlotte, only a Espresso Martini can equal this intensity.


 Sagittarians are born explorers, so what better drink to travel with than a Piña Colada? “This drink is a small bit of paradise, and with Sagittarius being the sign of travel and adventure

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 Capricorns like a Vodka Martini after a hard day of labor. Ms. Charlotte says this cocktail is great for Saturnian Capricorns who work hard and play hard.


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 Aquarians drink Dark ‘N' Stormies because Uranus, the god of thunder and lightning, rules Aquarius. The air sign has some of the most unorthodox vibes of the zodiac

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