Astrologers' Sweetest Zodiac Sign


 Born leaders have an inspiring can-do attitude. "Although not happy-go-lucky, Aries has a pretty positive and inspiring attitude and can confront obstacles head-on with a grin


 What's wrong with being the best at everything?" Astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual counselor Tara Bennet jokes. They'll be happy as long as they're first.


 Cancers are gloomy, but when they're happy, they're one of the happiest signs. When relaxed and around their favorite people, this natural nurturer radiates positivity. 


 As the moon rules this emotional sign, their attitude might change quickly. When they're uncomfortable, they'll likely withdraw.




 They work hard to maintain balance." Their stable temperament means they seldom feel the blues and can see all sides of difficult circumstances.


 Libras are the zodiac's peacemakers. They're not passive-aggressive like Cancer. They discuss issues as they occur and then move on, spreading happiness.

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 Geminis love company. This communicative sign may turn a boring night on the sofa into a party. "They constantly have something on their thoughts and something to say,

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 Leo, like Gemini, enjoys attention. Often become comedians or singers. These party animals love telling jokes and starting games like karaoke and charades offstage.


 sagittarians are "governed by happy-go-lucky Jupiter and tend to have the finest attitude of all the zodiac signs." They don't overanalyze, so they can be present and happy.

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