Astrologers' Spiciest Zodiac Sign

 They'll arrive at midnight for a midday party, bring the leash, and forget the dog—or demand a rousing "Hey, Earth calling!" at least once each discussion.


 Earth-sign Virgos are meticulous and perfectionists. They arrange jumbled data like a computer. We realize technology isn't flawless. "Surprisingly, Virgo may also be spacy while being detail-oriented and outwardly tidy


 Virgos will berate themselves for forgetfulness since they have high standards. "People don't want to zone out—too there's much to do in the world 


 Libras are air signs but not airheads. They're the zodiac's chameleons. They're flirtatious and gregarious. They may be untrustworthy.


 Libra's indecision hinders them. After establishing plans, they'll examine the benefits and drawbacks and change their mind. 



 Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces—are forgetful and flighty. Sagittarius, the last fire sign, shows this in their curiosity, need for knowledge, and drive to understand the broader picture.


 They're also daring. "Saggies don't enjoy spending their time with specifics and are inclined to simply plunge into a situation before thinking at what it implies,"

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 Aquarians lead. Being the zodiac's penultimate air sign, they're typically too analytical. Big thinkers often miss the forest for the trees. 

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 Gemini, ruled by Mercury, absorbs information at the speed of light. They adore mingling, planning, and meeting new people, but their full schedules make them the most dispersed zodiac sign. 


 Pisces oscillates between reality and fantasy. Pisces may be flaky because they are empathic, sensitive, and often clairvoyant or intuitive. 

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