Astrologers' Silliest Zodiac Sign 



 Taurus are naturally hilarious. They can make others laugh if the situation is good, but they prefer to laugh themselves. 


 Earth signs love to pamper themselves and will do whatever it takes to be pleased. Taurus may overspend on everything that catches their eye while pampering themselves. 


 Libras make you grin. They have party-animal enthusiasm and warm up quickly to any audience. If they didn't start the party, they'll definitely take it to the next level—and they're OK with showing their silliness.


 "They adore showing off their wacky dancing routines that'll grow funnier as the night goes on and enthusiasm builds," Bennet adds. 



 Aries are jokers. They want to be liked and don't mind messing about to loosen up. Their charisma draws others in.


 "They adore games and aren't too worried about what other people think," says Nuit Astrology creator Jill Loftis. 


 Leo craves attention. "They will capture you with their gift of gab and narrative abilities," Loftis adds. They'll act foolish to keep the atmosphere up in any situation.

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  Sagittarius likes to experiment. They're laid-back. Bennet thinks they have a special capacity to find humor in every scenario.

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 Geminis' mouths are unpredictable. They think fast and like switching topics. Loftis calls them fun-loving and quick-witted. 

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