Astrologers' Shyest Zodiac Sign



 This sign is extroverted, but they're only engaged once they know you. "Sagittarius isn't really that comfortable with swarms of people following their lead," explains astrologer Maria Hayes.


 "They tend to put on a mask in dealing with others, but deep down, they don't really expose their inner thoughts or feelings."



 The shyest water sign is Pisces. This intuitive, private sign absorbs others' energies like a sponge and keeps an emotional distance to protect themselves.


  Hayes calls this reluctance "a consequence of Pisces' pursuit of spiritual awakening, which probably isn't everyone's cup of tea."





 Earth signs like alone and don't want to meet new people. "They are known to be highly calculative and logical, sometimes to a fault," Hayes warns. 


 "The next time you bump into them, know that it will take a long time for Capricorn to lower their shields and express their inner feelings."

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 Water signs are distant because they struggle with vulnerability. Hayes says, "Scorpios are known to be timid primarily because they are highly reserved individuals.

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 Strong-willed Virgos like working and watching movies alone. "Focused and determined to achieve their goals, they don't really have the time and energy to make superficial


 Like crabs, this water sign prefers hiding under its shell. Cancers love family and friends but don't like small conversation with strangers.

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