Astrologers say this zodiac sign is the smartest.


 Some folks want to act like they know everything. They contribute to every discussion and act superior around others. Astrology may explain this urge to prove oneself. 


 Sun-ruled Leos may be self-centered. They trust their intuition and want to be understood. "People believe them because they are confident," says astrologer


 Newman says this makes people think they know everything even when they may not. Fire signs will do everything to protect their reputation, even if they're lacking facts.


 Aries are fire indications and the first sign of the zodiac. They'll debate, strive to have the final word, and generally know everything about everything.


 "They retain all knowledge available and [their] opinions may effortlessly affect others," she tells Best Living.




 Geminis are talkative and creative. These sociable signs want to mingle and show off their expertise. "Gemini knows a bit about a lot," says Ryan Marquardt, proprietor of Ryan's Astrology.


 He says they'll change subjects often to give the appearance they know more. This air sign may fake it.

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 Virgos are calm and analytical. They prefer being correct and think they know everything. "They are eager to provide their experience and manage the significant situation, which makes them feel superior

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 Aquarians are smart, well-read, and socially adept. Being a fixed sign, they're steady in their judgments and behaviors. "It's virtually tough to alter their views once they've locked onto a specific notion about how the universe works,"


 Sagittarius will attempt everything. Life events teach people and matter most to them. That makes them the largest know-it-all. 

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