Astrologers say this zodiac sign is the biggest showoff. 



 Hellenistic astrologer Courtney Trethric says they'll reveal their sacrifices to prove their dominance. Expect modest brags about staying up all night to complete a presentation


 They're also obstinate. "Even if they're not the greatest manager in the building, if they believe they are, they won't budge on their choice to self-proclaim," Trethric says. 


 "They'll be the first to leap into a confident discussion, to demonstrate their expertise and boast about their knowledge," adds Trethric.


 They won't act egotistically. "Keanu Reeves and Beyoncé are amazing," Trethric says. "They're both top-tier in their fields and don't show off



 "These positive attributes are based on their ruling planet of expansive Jupiter, but they can also turn for the negative under certain circumstances, making this sign an unexpected showoff


 Gemini Lady Smiling Outdoors. A short blonde fashion model wears a double-breasted jacket, leather handbag, ochre knitted scarf, and glasses. Autumn/spring fashion


 Aries thrives. "Like the fabled Ram, the emblem of this sign, they seldom stop at whatever they put their mind to, particularly when it involves a position of power," adds Berry.

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 Leo is forceful, egotistical, and opinionated. "They display their originality and performance brilliance with tons of dignity and elegance, both traits that readily position them in front of an audience, such as in movies