Astrologers say this zodiac sign communicates well. 



 Capricorn may not seem like a great conversationalist. They listen well and provide realistic advise.


 "Caps provide hints to fixing your difficulties and smart recommendations on what to do in this or that scenario," explains Futurio app resident astrologer Alice Alta. 


 These people are judgment-free. "Aquarius is the sign of friendships and open-mindedness, and their inherent ability to detach offers them a tremendous capacity to listen without judgment


 Even if you're not discussing a sensitive issue, Aquarius is a good companion. They're trustworthy and always there for friends.


 Scorpio conversations are special. Alta claims a spiritual Scorpio can sense others' flaws, psychological infirmities, and subconscious programming. 



 This might be surprising, particularly if you were anticipating greater empathy. Scorpio's thorough listening and understanding might enhance you.


 "Libra's air element is related with communication and the urge to interact intellectually, and Libra is the sign that likes to concentrate on the other person during a discussion," adds Paiva.

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 Crisis buddy is cancer. "They are incredibly sympathetic, and their aptitude for sensing another person and supporting them with their care is apparent," adds Alta. 

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 Alta says this sign prefers listening to speaking. So, they top our list. "Pisces are born psychologists," she explains. If you open your heart to fish, they'll assist you."