Astrologers Say This Zodiac Sign Always Outsmarts You




 Cancers are difficult than you think, thus they made this list. "Cancers are dialed into emotion and can use it to distract or manipulate any situation to their benefit


   Cancers are hyper-emotional and carry grudges, so if you wrong them, they may attempt to scam you.



 You never know which Gemini side you'll receive. Evans says fast-thinkers "keep everyone guessing." "A Gemini's social and listening skills give them the advantage


   because they will extract more information than the average person and use it to their advantage," she says. Geminis may use secrets against you.





 Leos plan and act bravely. "It takes courage and self-confidence to outsmart an opponent, traits that are often associated with Leos," Evans adds.


 Evans mentions Frank Abagnale as a Leo. Abagnale's Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, is "one example of how Leo energy helped him outsmart the FBI for years, staying one step ahead."

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 Virgos are meticulous and won't miss anything. Spiritual counselor Debbie Jian says Virgos "expect the worst so they can be ready for anything." Virgos check everything

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 Libras' debating skills make them excellent attorneys. "They may fool you with their charm but their quick-thinking methods to win their case," says Evans.



 Scorpios are powerful, strategic, and cunning. "Scorpios will easily command what is another person's and take it over—they may even improve it," adds Evans.

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