Astrologers say this sign is the most popular.




 Leos are known for wanting to perform and be in the limelight. Don't let this sign's charm deceive you—they're devoted friends who will make you feel like a million


    "Their excellent intuition will aid them with clues about the situation you are venting about—and that can help them read between the lines and make you feel understood," 



 This cheerful sign is constantly planning its next drunken brunch, tapas sampling, and cross-country getaway. If you need guidance on a serious matter, avoid them—unless you want a diversion. 


 Saggies have an amazing sense of humor and will tell you what you want to hear so you can both skip over the problem and get on with a good time," adds Barretta.   





 Cancers are sensitive, empathetic, and maternal. "[They] are pretty likely to tell you what you want to hear because they want to support you," 


 "They tell themselves you need to learn some lessons the hard way, and this is how they do it." Get a second opinion for your Cancer BFF.

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 Pisces friends are sensitive, creative, and insightful. They can understand your emotions because of their intuition.

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Talkative Geminis. Communication planet Mercury rules them. Twins frequently give you what you want to hear, which may make you share more.



 Libras, controlled by Venus, are diplomatic, charming, and subtle communicators. They're the friendliest zodiac sign. "Librans dislike conflict and have a tendency to be 'yes' people, even if their insides are screaming 'no,'" adds Loftis. "

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