Astrologers say they're the most unforgiving zodiac sign.




 Aquarius, one of the sharpest zodiac signs, doesn't have time for untrustworthy companions or unpleasant remarks. "An Aquarius will ghost you rather than forgive you,"


   Aquarians may return. "Sometimes, time and space heal an Aquarius person's wounds," she explains. 



 Aries harbor grudges against themselves and loved ones. "If you hurt someone an Aries person loves, they will not easily forgive you, if they ever do," explains Kovach. 


  Fire signs' sensitive egos and protective spirits cause these traits. Since they're the zodiac's fighters, they'll keep a battle or grudge going as long as they need to.





 This diligent, ambitious, and loyal sign won't tolerate immaturity or disrespect. "They don't play games in relationships," adds Kovach. "


  "If you don't learn from your mistake, you may find that Capricorn has moved on with their lives and left you behind," explains Kovach. If you don't provide value, you're gone.

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 Taurus are reliable, laid-back, and obstinate. Don't be fooled—this sign isn't forgiving. "Taurus is a quiet sign that doesn't like to trouble others, so they'll keep

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 Cancers are moon-ruled and sensitive. They're bitter and resentful. "Even if they somewhat forgive, they never forget an insult, slight, or argument," 



 Scorpios are the least forgiving zodiac sign since they're secretive, stoic, and faithful. "Scorpio may appear quiet and secretive but don't underestimate 

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