Astrologers say it's the zodiac's biggest party animal.  



 Cancer, known for hiding in its shell, is one of the greatest party animals. Please listen: Cancers may disrupt small-group events.


  "A typical Cancer is an inborn psychologist, but the talent is revealed only if a Crab feels comfortable and secure in their company," adds Alta. "



 Air signs love huge and little celebrations. "They love socializing, getting info, and discussing the latest news with everyone around them," adds Alta.


 "They can also easily make new acquaintances." According to MediumChat astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet, Geminis like intimate parties. "





 Partying is "more the merrier" for this outgoing sign. "Bored easily, Aries flit from one party to the next, seeking out new thrills and excitement," explains Bennet. 


 "They frequently attend three parties a night." They're usually the last to arrive at a party despite being the zodiac's first sign. "

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 "Sagittarius is likely to party hearty," says Alta. Saggies are autonomous, free-thinking, and adventurous. They may organize a group bar crawl or be their buddy group's social chair. 

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 Libras naturally work the room since they're diplomats and networkers. Bennet says Libras are known as sociable butterflies. "


 Any party's center will have a Leo. "This party animal is made for holidays, celebrations, and festivity," adds Alta. "They love attention and feel like stars everywhere."

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