Astrologers' Sassiest Zodiac Sign 



 "Their off-the-cuff statements and direct attitude might be irritating," says astrologer and spiritual counselor Tara Bennet.


 Taurus are opinionated and obstinate. Earth signs speak their minds without shame.


 Virgo's tongue and self-righteousness are unmatched. They criticize others to develop themselves and others, but it's not always appreciated.


 "Their brilliance paired with their meticulous mentality may make their words hurt deep and their body language displays no remorse,"



 Gemini desires everyone to be friends and connect. These obstinate twins are non-confrontational. Even if they're chatting to a stranger, they want to participate, and a clever comment or one-liner is excellent.



 Geminis' sass is friendly, unlike Virgo's. They're easygoing and don't mind using their people abilities to further their aims.



 Aries, governed by Mars, are action-oriented and can be sassy when they want to. They're open and unconcerned about others' sentiments.

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 Scorpios contemplate before speaking or acting. They won't hold back, but they prefer to wait. Mars rules them, like Aries, therefore they like to provoke.


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 Leos love drama. Their big personalities attract attention. They're the sassiest zodiac sign since they're honest and unapologetic.

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