Astrologers' Neediest Zodiac Sign

  Feeling wanted sometimes is good, but always is tiresome. Maybe a buddy needs your opinion on every dating app message.


 Taurus dislikes change and prefers comfort, security, and stability. "Any disturbance to this habit might prompt the sign to depend heavily on their support networks


 Take small steps with a particularly needy Taurus during a change so they can adapt on their own.


 Scorpios are passionate and secretive, so you may think they're loners. When focused on someone, their tough exterior cracks.


 "They fall for someone rapidly and throw all their attention into a possible love connection," says Clare.



 Another self-sufficient sign is outgoing Leo. The exhilaration of being the focus of attention turns into neediness.


 Leos are "ruled by the sun itself, undoubtedly the solar system's dominant figure," says Clare. "Their confidence crumbles when someone else tries to take their spotlight."

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 Pisces, a sensitive water sign, daydreams and loses themselves in art. Like water, this sign "has no clear limits, leaving them wide open to seeking for a rescue when they dive in too deep 

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 Libras also hate being alone. "Libras fear 'alone time'. People prefer mediocre relationships than being alone "says Each Day Greener Lifestyle & Astrology astrologer Tara Redfield.


 Cancer, like Taurus, seeks comfort and security. Being the zodiac's caregivers, they want companionship. Redfield claims they're known for being too dependant on relationships and family.

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