Astrologers' Most Superstitious Zodiac Sign 

 Avoid sidewalk cracks. Only use even microwave settings. Gameday blue socks. If someone you know is superstitious, it may be their birthdate. 


 As author and astrologer Lisa Barretta says, Virgo's perfectionism drives their superstitions. 


 "They must fluff their pillows and turn out all lights before leaving the home. Virgo fears chaos if everything isn't in order."


 Aquarius is the oddest sign. "They are highly distinctive and perceive life through a fully abstract lens, taking the energy of the broad-thinking air element


 Aquarians "appreciate that there is so much more out there than we are told to think," Clare explains, unlike "more grounded and rational signs."



 Justice scales represent Libras. "This deep-thinking air sign searches for equality and harmony in all areas," explains Clare.


 Libras, unlike Virgos, focus on their social behavior. If they omitted saying good morning to their colleague, they could feel apprehensive.

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 Ferreira says Scorpios adore superstitions because they like dark, terrifying, and mysterious things. Clare says Pluto rules this powerful and secretive sign.

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 Cancers may employ rituals to calm their anxious energies. Clare says they follow superstitions for comfort and security.


 Astrologers say Pisces are magical. "This esoteric water sign values all things occult," says Clare. "They believe in the power of the cosmos and are especially heightened to folklore and superstitions."

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