Astrologers' Most Stressful Zodiac Sign


 Libra loves peace and harmony, thus they shouldn't be too tense. Their quest for balance might cause overthinking and indecision.


 "Libras can be notorious for weighing every possible option and agonizing over decisions, which can make them feel quite on edge," explains Mystic Sense astrologist Rachel Clare.



 Sagittarius is high-strung, but not in the manner you expect. "They thrive when they live on the edge, and they're in a permanent state of excitement," explains Mediumchat astrologer 


 Fire signs will accept any offer. They become irritated and disorganized if they have to slow down or be tied down.





Aries, the first sign, represents new beginnings. "They're not afraid to take risks and try new things, which can be exhilarating—but also nerve-wracking," Clare adds.


 They dream large and create objectives only they can reach. Bennet tells Best Life that ambitious people may be tense and short-tempered.

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 Capricorns reach the top of the success ladder early, but it's stressful. Saturn, a serious planet, rules these earth signs. Capricorns are self-critical and have trouble letting go.

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 Scorpio will do everything to get their aim. They'll desire to excel. Bennet calls them obsessive—they won't stop until everything is done, whether personal or professional.


 Virgo might snap at any moment. They're the most anxious zodiac sign since Mercury rules communication and nervous energy. Bennet says they can hardly relax.

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