Astrologers' Most Sentimental Zodiac Sign 


 Scorpios focus on everything, especially the past. "They're the one sign that gets obsessed over people they love and things they like, making them very sentimental


 "Scorpio has deep emotions that run the gamut and also may be prone to ruminating and obsessing over things such as the past," writes renowned astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar.



Aries are autonomous zodiac leaders. Goldberg calls these sometimes-wild ones "fast and impulsively." Aries' busy and sociable lives help them remain in the present.


 They'll be really nostalgic when they remember. They'll also express their emotions easily. They'll speak passionately if it inspires change.





 Capricorns "wish things would just stay the way they were," says Farrar. This makes people nostalgic and hinders their progress.


 "This sign may think things seemed better in the past even if they still felt equally difficult," says Farrar. For instance, a Capricorn friend may often talk about a former job, even if they hated it.

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 Tauruses are loyal and loving. Farrar believes this sentimental sign typically gets caught up in relationships and doesn't want to leave them go, "romanticizing what was.

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 Pisces are noted for absorbing other people's feelings like a sponge, making them emotional. "Pisces love profoundly. Since they feel so much, they can't let go.


 Cancers are the most sensitive and sentimental. Cancer's moon connection makes individuals have trouble "letting go of things they love," according to Goldberg. 

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