Astrologers' Most Secretive Zodiac Sign



 "Virgo's meticulousness lets them lead two lives. Their capacity to systematize, compartmentalize, and pay heed to little hints and tells makes a duel-reality possible "New Beginning Registry astrologer Lauren DeGolia.


 Introverted earth signs stay to themselves. They're discreet but won't hurt anybody. They're quiet because they like being autonomous and don't want others engaged.


 "Aquarius is another sign that may be a slippery fish when it comes to speaking the truth," explains astrologer Stina Garbis.


 Aquariuses are affable and very creative, which enhances their mystery. This clever sign is great at keeping secrets. Aquarius, like Superman, would rather utilize their secrets for good than evil.


 Leos are confident and adore attention, yet they still have secrets. They won't injure anybody with their large hearts.



 "Leos lead with their heart and an edge of drama, trying to experience two very different worlds to satisfy aspects of themselves they felt like they were lacking (either consciously or subconsciously)," explains DeGolia.


 Garbis claims Geminis can handle duality better than other signs. "Geminis have two separate personalities depending on their surroundings."


 Scorpios are notoriously secretive. "Scorpios are highly secretive and if that means creating an alias so it's impossible to hunt them down, so be it," says NYC-based professional astrologer Constance Stellas.

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 "Cancers are highly secretive, as crabs only come out at night," explains author and astrologer Lisa Stardust.

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 "Capricorns are experts at masking their actual sentiments and would covertly murder in the name of love, devotion and safeguarding family," adds Ms.IGee, since they are very loyal. 

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