Astrologers' Most revengeful Zodiac Sign 



 Capricorns are proud, so don't make them feel bad about their profession.


 "Capricorns feel no shame in turning the tables," explains Mystic Sense astrologer Rachel Clare. Capricorns' head-driven retaliation will be smooth and deliberate.


 Libras might be spiteful and eager to instruct others. Libras want justice for every wrongdoing, from getting cut off on the expressway to being cheated on.


 Clare says their sign is the scales of justice. "Libras are a quiet but lethal force in restoring justice and handing out what is owed when mistreated."


 Leos like to be the center of attention in every room, and if someone takes it away, they may plan retribution.



 "Ruled by the Sun, the center of the world, Leos' egos are so very important, and if they believe that somebody has compromised their public image, they'll stop at nothing to seek retribution," explains Clare.


 "Cancers have such a hard time managing their emotions since the Moon regulates our subconscious ideas and emotions," adds Clare. "Because Cancers are ruled by the Moon


 Because Cancers are ruled by the Moon, they can lose control of their emotions. Cancers often retaliate when they're mistreated."

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 If you have angered a Taurus, stay away. Newman says Taurus retribution is cold, calculated, deliberate, and lethal.


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 "Scorpions live and breathe retribution on their foes," explains Clare.

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