Astrologers' Most Rebellious Zodiac Sign



 Cancers are skilled communicators and seldom rebellious. They'll never oppose you, but they'll do things their way. "When Cancer rebels, it appears to be with flattery and many justifications,


  "You believe all of their justifications were sincere, but you know it's never on their to-do list." Silent people may be radical in their own way.



 Taurus is renowned for its resolve, and if things don't go as anticipated, they'll pay. "They don't mind if they get into trouble," adds Newman, since they're fearless. 


 They consider it beneficial "as long as they can persuade others to follow them." If they're going down, they'll probably drag you down.





 Libra is kind yet follows their heart. "They have a clear vision of what they want and are not scared to pursue it," adds Newman.


 "They are just unconcerned about anyone's approval." Don't be deceived by their calm manner—they will stick to their choice and convince their opponent.

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 Sagittarius is here for enjoyment, not safety. "Forever on a quest for meaning and adventure, Sagittarius is known to rebel simply for the thrill of it,"

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 Aries expects things to go as planned and has little patience for others' rules. Newman says people become more defiant when they cannot command others.


 Aquarius is the most rebellious sign. Independent thinkers are unafraid of authority. "Aquarius is not beyond opposing you merely for the sake of opposing you," says Newman

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