Astrologers' Most Random Zodiac Sign


 Taurus adore luxury and the beauty of material things. Venus rules them and makes them impulsive. 


 "Taurus can impulsively buy luxury items, or spend money to feel important," says Nuit Astrology creator Jill Loftis. Earth signs make impulsive decisions to satisfy their minds and bodies.



 Libras are fast-moving socialites. They behave impulsively to maintain control, particularly over their friendships and relationships. Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and proprietor of Ryan's Astrology, believes their impulsivity seldom causes problems.


 "Even if they act on impulse to text an ex, invite a friend out for dinner, or change their relationship status, they typically do it with ease to not disturb the peace."





 Mercury, the planet nearest to the sun with the quickest orbit, rules Geminis, who are continually moving. Air signals follow the wind, making them challenging to track. 


 "They feel detached from obligation and responsibility, so they're able to easily get up and go, which can be jarring for other people to witness," Marquardt says. Free spirits are impulsive since their daily encounters change.

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 Since their governing planet is the sun, Leos are optimistic. "Willing to take a gamble on choosing to move forward towards their goals and ambitions, rather than hanging around weighing the odds of success,

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 Sagittarians are lucky and hopeful. They love adventure and risk-taking more than other signs. They'll likely follow their inclinations without thinking about how or why. 


 Aries is the most impulsive sign, and their impulses may affect others. "As a protective mechanism, Aries will act out of impulse because it feels like a primal urge that they must follow, whether it's the best move or not," Marquardt adds.  

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