Astrologers' Most Positive Sign



 Pisces, an emotive water sign, may surprise you on the list. Pisces are typically joyful since they don't conceal their unhappiness, which helps them get over it faster


 "Pisces are lovely and sympathetic," says Best of Psychic Reader astrologer Emily Newman. She says this strange sign generally tears it out and goes on, despite being easily disturbed.


 Geminis are dualistic, therefore no matter how bad their day was, they'll dance in their room.


 "Gemini has two moods, one gregarious and one keeping alone, yet both spirits boost them," adds Newman. "Geminis are optimistic because they can find fun anyplace."


 Libras are compassionate and seek harmony. They are happier because they avoid confrontation.


 "Libras choose happiness, therefore they're constantly comfortable and cheerful," adds Newman. "Libras want happiness while they're depressed. Self-gifts like chocolates, flowers, or coffee make people pleased."



  Leos love the limelight and want to make everyone happy. Making people happy provides this bright sign the greatest delight.

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 "Aries are extremely happy since they are the first sign of the zodiac and connected with spring, a period of new beginnings and fresh energy," explains Clare.

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 "Sagittarius, the fearless centaur, are forthright in their confidence and positivism," adds Clare. "They are cheerful, always eager to assist, and have an aura of confidence that most of us can only dream of."