Astrologers' Most Noble Zodiac Sign


 Libras adore getting manicures and stylish haircuts to appear their best. "Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, Libras are suckers for anything pleasing to the eye


 They'll also choose pals and lovers based on looks. "They're very picky about who they associate with, and if they feel like someone will make them look bad, they'll most likely keep their distance,


 Pisces, famed for their sensitivity and passion, are secretly self-obsessed. "They can be painfully self-conscious, so they take personal image and reputation incredibly seriously," says Clare.


 This perceptive sign is aware of what others think. "It doesn't take much to massively dent a Pisces' ego," Clare says.





 Leos believe the world revolves around them—and it does. "Ruled by the Sun, the literal center of our solar system," Clare says. Like Scorpio, they're used to being in the spotlight at parties and work. "


 Leos expect to be the center of attention, but becoming second fiddle won't dampen their bravado. Despite others' opinions, vanity is feeling you're the best or most important.

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 Scorpios' egos are justified—people adore them. "As a fixed water sign, mystery and illusion underpin Scorpio's psyche, and the sign knows all too well how alluring their dark and sultry persona 

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 Geminis love talking about their own exploits, but they seldom look in the mirror. "Physical vanity is less of an issue with Gemini, but their self-involvement can really become their fatal flaw,


 Tauruses "only ever want to be surrounded by pretty things," says Clare. She says this sign's materialism makes individuals "skewed priorities and [be] shallow by nature."

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