Astrologers' Most Negative Zodiac Sign



 "They're not too wild about change," explains astrologer Joanne Lara of Taurus. "When faced with an obstacle or someone who disagrees with them, their natural reaction 


 Spiritual healer and astrologer Emily Newman calls Taureans "moody and stubborn, which makes them feel depressed and as if their world is coming to an end.



 Because they assume the worst, analytical earth signs can't see the good. "Virgo is often regarded as one of the most negative signs of the zodiac,"


 Psychic astrologer Angel Dawn says Virgo is "never quite satisfied with anything... endlessly looking for improvement and refinement." 





 Capricorns are serious and not optimistic. They neglect their personal life to achieve at work, causing melancholy.


 Capricorn, ruled by "cold, stern" Saturn, "tends to be a hardworking, career-climbing, innately mature sign," Dawn explains. They're quickly disheartened when their well-planned ambitions fail.

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 This sensitive sign worries about the worst and prepares for it. Libras also worry about others' opinions.

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 Water signifies overthink and mood-swing. Cancers are hopeful yet soon become depressed."They typically feel like everyone is out to get them, even if that's not true," Lara says. 


 Scorpios are constantly on the lookout for liars. "Because of their innately intuitive nature that understands the foibles of human nature, they understand the dark side

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