Astrologers' Most Misunderstood Zodiac Sign   

 "Never judge a book by its cover" applies to astrology. We frequently miss why indicators are negative—workaholics are dominating, partygoers are conceited, silent people are chilly. 


 Virgos are known for being perfectionists, which may make them seem inflexible or uptight.


 "When Virgo wipes the lint off your jacket and makes a grimace at your new haircut," author and astrologer Lisa Barretta says, they are helping. 


 Cancers are moodiest. Barretta says they are controlled by the Moon and changeable like the Moon. "They may be great one minute then incredibly silent and go into their shell."


 "When they're in one of their moods, even an innocent statement may be regarded as an insult," Barretta says.



 "They have strong ideas and may easily rub others the wrong way particularly when they are in their roaring lion form," Barretta says of this fire sign.


 Leo, the outgoing zodiac sign, loves attention. You're right. Redfield says they're attention seekers and arrogant people who desire fame.

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 "Capricorn may put much too much strain on themselves," says Mysticsense astrologer Rachel Clare. 

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 As their main feature is mystery, Scorpio ranks high on this list. "They hold their cards close to their chest and may make even their tiniest news seem like a major secret


Aquarius is the oddest zodiac sign. "They wear the craziest outfits that frequently mismatch and say the weirdest things," adds Goldberg.

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