Astrologers' Most Materialistic Zodiac Sign


 Pisces are sensitive free spirits, not money-oriented. When they feel too emotional, they shop to brighten up. "[Pisces] spends their money and treats themselves as a form of comfort,"


 Pisces spend because they're giving. "They love to spoil the ones around them with nice things," says life coach and tarot reader Amanda Lee.



 Success drives Capricorns. "Ruled by hardworking and driven Saturn, Capricorns understand the value of their efforts," explains Clare. 


 "Slightly less driven by the glamour of designer bags and fast cars," they want to treat themselves to good items that make their life comfortable, she says.





 Geminis don't second-guess purchases. "As a whimsical air sign, and mutable at that, Gemini has a streak of spontaneity unmatched by most," Clare explains. 


 But, of course, this may develop troublesome. "[They] could easily end up with an empty wallet from something that started out as an innocent pleasure," s

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 Fire signs want to take charge. "Aries often view material goods as a way to set themselves apart from the rest," Clare explains. 

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 Leos prefer to be the center of attention, and that means donning fancy duds to impress their buddies. This prideful fire sign spends extravagantly to have the finest and doesn't mind telling you how much.


  Tauruses love luxury. "As a grounded and stubborn Earth sign, Taurus thrives when surrounded by their creature comforts," Clare says.

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