Astrologers' Most Marryable Zodiac Sign




 Despite their reluctance, Virgos are your greatest bet. Virgos are romantic, but they are picky about who they let in. They're receptive to others' opinions yet less communicative. 


   Celebrity astrologer Lauren Ash says this "can lead to passive aggression in long-term relationships if they can't learn to express what they're feeling."



 Aries, like other fire signs, are passionate and appreciate large shows of adoration. If underappreciated, they may be envious.


    "They expect to be adored in a relationship, and they simply won't commit to anything they don't feel 1000 percent passionate about," says Ash. Aries need what?





 Scorpios only open up when they're comfortable with their relationship. Ash claims Scorpios struggle to find the perfect partner. 


 "Scorpios want a lifetime soulmate." She claims "hook-up culture" complicates matters. "They will only say 'I do' if they plan on spending the rest of their life with the other person,"

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 Geminis, or "quick-witted twins," are continuously moving and absorbing. Astrologer Sofia Adler says this sign is about "both-and," not "either-or."

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 Aquarians, the second least likely to get married, are cheerful yet hard to commit to. "Their combined need for freedom and their stubborn personalities makes it hard to keep their attention," adds Ash. 



 Sagittarians are "extreme flirts" due to their wanderlust and fire sign vitality. Unfortunately, they are our least likely sign to marry. Ash adds, "it can make them nervous to take the traditional marriage route." 

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